NOTE: This information excludes special events!




Gates will be open at 7am the day before the race until 10pm. Unless posted otherwise. If you arrive after 10pm, please park at the gates until we open.


We have Stadium seating spots in many areas of the track, and a shaded area and picnic tables up at the Snack Shack with a great view of the track.


Full restrooms & Showers, on the main grass parking area in the large maroon building on the lower level is where they are located for your convenience. There will be port a potties located throughout the track as well as handwash stations.


Our Snack Shack is ready to serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner.  These ladies mean business and aim to please you will not be disappointed with our selection and quality. Check out our concession menu in the top left corner. Enjoy the weekend and let us do the cooking for you!!


Our Snack Shack also has MCMotoPark t-shirts & hats for sale, so make sure to check them out, quanities are limited so get yours early.


There are hydrants located in many areas in the the main grass parking area for your convenience, this is for simple small fill ups.


We have potable water at the main gate for tank fills ups.  Please DO NOT use the hydrants located throughout the track as it will burn out the water heaters. There are no electrical hook ups or water hook ups for rigs so you will need to rely on generators you have.


There is a bike cleaning station down by the main gate for cleaning your bikes, please do not hook up your power washers to the hydrants in the grassed parking area it will burn up our water heaters. Please and thank you.


Our full basketball court is enclosed and lit up for evening use and even for bags tournaments which is a large favorite at our track.


We have an enclosed children's play area for your children's safety with all the bikes moving around we want your little ones safe.


Our Slip N Fly is is back by our private pond and Rope swing for all you adventure seekers.




Varies, each race can have different fees if it is a payout event.


Gate Entry Wristbands, everyone must have one on at all times. Children under 4 are free unless they are a rider.


Thursday or Friday Entry $20 per person

Saturday or Sunday Entry $15 per person


Overnight camping per rig or vehicle $10 per night.                  (cash or check only at the gate)


We do not have credit card machines at the gates - Check or cash only.


Your gate wrist band gets you access to all our amenities, so enjoy all our track has to offer.




Quiet hours from 10pm - 6am. Loud generators should be turned off. All generators must have sound control. Pets must be leashed. Please use dumpsters near entrance. Pit Bikes are allowed on race days - if abused vehicle may be held until end of the event.


Concessions are available on race days and racing practice days. The breakfast menu starts at 7am with lunch to follow around 11am. Also, there are MCMoto Park T-shirts and hats that are for sale that are worth checking out. Check out the Concessions Menu link at top of for more info.




Sign-up opens 7am and ends at 9am unless posted otherwise. Late signup is allowed, but you will miss practice. Riders' meeting is at 8:45am at the TOWER.


Trackside Kiosk software is used for sign up. Please have your AMA card for quick entry. Remember all minors (participants under the age of 18 years) must be physically accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at signup. These rules are mandated by the AMA no exceptions.


RACE FEES    (for standard race events these may vary depending on race and pay outs events)


$55 All Trophy Classes this includes practice Saturday morning and two days of racing Sat & Sunday 3 Moto format


All other classes TBA


We only accept check or cash at our facility.










If you have any questions on lodging please contact us and we can help you find the right hotel or lodging that fits your needs. We have many local bed and breakfasts and smaller local hotels that do NOT have websites. So please check out some of the links below that will help direct you. But always feel free to message, email or call us with any concerns. We want to make your visit a memorable one.




Phone: (815) 238-1614



13137 Hwy 78

Mt. Carroll, IL 61053



17384 Corbett Rd.

Mt. Carroll, IL 61053










McMoto Park is a bike only track. Open ride is from 9am-3pm. Times may be changed due to inclement weather. The track is always groomed and watered.




Classes are broken down based on turn out. Wrist bands are given to separate classes as needed and required to be worn on wrist to be on track.


2021 Prices & Fees

Regular Practice Weekends: $30

Camping Nightly: $10

Daily Spectator: $5


Children under 5 FREE, unless they are a rider.