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Loretta Lynn 2014

2017 Loretta Lynn 

North Central Youth Regional

There is very important information below, so please read carefully and completely. 


You must have competed in a North Central Area Qualifier and submitted the proper paperwork, and fees to MX Sports.
This needs to be completed according to the deadline dates specified by MX Sports.


Gates to enter park OPEN on Wednesday, June 21st
Practice dates: Thursday, June 22 and Friday, June 23.
Race dates: Saturday, June 24th and Sunday June 25th.               


General Information:

This is an AMA sanctioned race, and you must be a current AMA member to race this event. AMA memberships are available to be purchased and/or renewed if needed at this event.

Minor Releases are required at this event. If you have an AMA Annual Minor Release Card, please provide card at registration. If AMA Minor Release Card is not presented one must be complete minor release form, in order to complete registration process.

Transponders will be used for this event. E-Score will be onsite for rental if you do not already have one. Please check in with E-Score prior to registration at this event. Your transponder number is needed in order to complete registration.

Reginal championship events are a 3 Moto format. Riders will be racing on both Saturday and Sunday.


We offer a terrific Concession Stand at MCMotoPark.  The Snack Shack Never disapoints, we make sure every items is to your liking and we change things up whenever we can. In addition to your regular grilled items we offer much more:

  • BREAKFAST Opens Starting Friday 7am ~ We offer Sausage or Ham, Egg & Cheese Sandwiches, Homemade Sausage Biscuits & Gravy, Homemade Pancakes, Eggs, Hashbrowns, Toast, Fruit & Donuts. We offer Platters or items for individual purchase

  • LUNCH ~ Opens Starting Thursday at Noon and the rest of the weekend at 11am ~  All Beef HotDogs, Stadium Brats, Shredded Pork Sandwiches, Hamburgers & Cheeseburgers, Fresh Salads, Walking Tacos, 3 kinds of Chicken Wraps & Jacks Pizzas made to order.
  • DINNER ~ Usually Starts about an hour after the last race and will be announced.  For Friday & Saturday nights only, YOU must PURCHASE Tickets for Dinners by 2pm each night for Dinner Meals so we have an accurate count of how many to prepare. 

Friday Night ~

Authentic Mexican Taco Dinner, 3 Tacos with soft corn or flour tortillas, choice of Chicken or Beef, Mexican Rice, Refried Beans, Fresh Made Chips & Homemade Salsa & a Churro

Saturday Night~ 

Handcut RIBEYE Steak Dinner, Cooked to temp requested, Baked Potato, Fresh Grean Beans, Lettuce Salad,  dressing of choice, Rotini Salad, Oreo Fluff & Roll
  • SNACKS ~ Popcorn, Nachos with Cheese, Pretzels with Cheese, Chips of all kinds & Fruit
  • SWEET TREATS ~ Popsicles, Ice Cream Sundaes, Plain Cones, Waffle Cones, Rootbeer Floats & Dreamsicle Floats
ICE is AVAILABLE at the SNACK SHACK Daily in a #7 Bag 
With so much to offer, Sheila & Robin go the extra mile to make sure you are
ready to come back for more. So sit back & RELAX and let us do the cooking for YOU,
so you can enjoy your down time with family & new friends.


For those of you arriving at the track please utilize free water fill up at the Mt. Carroll home center, Mt. Carroll Mobile, or the Fire Dept in town. This is free to all and helps with congestion as you arrive at the track. Water is available in our primary pits in marked locations if you need water. 

Potable water fill site are not to be used for pressure washers.


Upon arrival at the track you should have cash ready for gate and pit vehicle registration fees. Credit Cards will be accepted for practice and race fees at the registration building. After entering through the gates our staff will park you. If you want to pit with friends please group together off site and enter together. Spots will not be saved.


Schedule of Events 


Gates open at 5:00 pm till 10:00 pm


Gates open 6:00 am till 10:00 pm

Practice is from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Concessions OPEN at Noon till 4pm.


Gates Open 6:00 am
Registration opens at 1pm- 7pm (Frame numbers required/last 4 numbers)
Practice – 9:00am-3:00pm from Starting line

Concessions OPEN at 7am for Breakfast

Lunch at 11am and Dinner Tickets available for purchase until 2pm for that evening.

Entertainment : Magic Show & Karaoke

Pit vehicle Shutdown – 8:00 pm
Noise Shutdown – 10:00 pm
Gates close 10:00 pm


Gates open 6:00am
Registration Closes at 8:30 am
Riders meeting 8:00am
Race Warm up laps 8:15am
Racing immediately following warm up laps!

Concessions OPEN at 7am for Breakfast

Lunch at 11am and Dinner Tickets available for purchase until 2pm for that evening.

Entertainment: ROOSTER (Alice and Chains tribute band) will be playing 8:30-10:30

Pit vehicle Shutdown – 8:00 pm
Noise Shutdown – 10:00 pm
Gates close 10:00 pm


Gates Open 6:00AM
Practice - 8:00AM Short practice
Racing to follow

Concessions OPEN at 7am for Breakfast 

Lunch at 11am and will close at the end of the last race.

Additional information and General Rules

Tickets: Your arm band is your weekend ticket and must be worn at all times. If you leave the facility you must have it on to re-enter This is your gate ticket do not remove it. Refunds only if we remove your band.

Weekend Activities:

  • CONCESSIONS will be OPEN starting at Noon on Thursday and will have lunch and dinner, Friday, Saturday & Sunday will offer Breakfast starting at 7am, Lunch then Dinner Tickets. They will close nightly around 8pm.
  • Movie Night
  • Bags Tournament
  • Friday Night ~ Magic Show & Karaoke
  • Friday Night ~ Authentic Mexican Taco Dinner offered Tickets must be purchased in advance
  • Saturday Night ~ ROOSTER (Alice and Chains tribute band) is performing 8:30-10:30
  • Saturday Night ~ RIBEYE Steak Dinner offered Tickets must be purchased in advance
  • Slip N' Fly, Rope Swing, Full Basketball Court
  • Fenced in Childrens Play Area
  • Bonfires & Much More

Rider registration: All riders must properly register before entering the track. All Riders must personally be present for rider registration. Minors must accompany their parent or legal guardian to registration. We do honor an Annual minor release Card, must present card at registration.

Overnighting (camping) Info: We will park you as you arrive!! 20’ spots. There is no electric, or water hook ups. Free potable water on site in primary parking area only. Ice is available at the concession stand. Quiet time is 10PM. This applies to loud generators. Manageable Campfires are permitted. Staff has the right to extinguish all fires for any reason we see fit. Bathroom facilities are available with showers at the primary pits. Please respect others and limit your time or use. Respect all facilities, do not damage or vandalize facilities or removal from property and costs of damage will be pursued.

Trash: Please use garbage bags or on site barrells. Please put garbage near pit roads and our crew will remove.

Septic services: Dump site on location. Mobile septic will be on site for an additional fee.

Pit Vehicle Rules: Operation of a pit vehicle is a privilege- not your right- you must be 16 years of age and the vehicle registered. Pit Vehicles (bike, golf cart, ranger, mule, or similar) must be driven at safe speeds (5mph) and safe operation. P.V. use times are from 6:30am to 8:00pm. Respect others and this privilege or impoundment or removal from property may be exercised.

Pond area, slides, cables, or swings: Our pond area is meant to be fun and it is your responsibility to use in a safe manner. The pond water is not drinking water. The pond has shallow and deep spots beware as you use this amenity. Parents it is your responsibility use your judgment to keep your children safe (please inspect prior to their use) when using these devices or pond.

Responsibility: Motocross racing and riding, like all motorsports can be dangerous. When you enter the facility you assume all risk of injury and /or damage. It is your responsibility to keep yourself safe, your children, your crew a safe distance from the race track. Parents, you are responsible for the safety of your children. Never turn your back to oncoming riders or racers. Stay off the track. Only authorized personnel are permitted on the track. Responsibility of your equipment, belongings, tools, bikes, r.v., campers, tents or anything else that is your possessions is your responsibility keep them safe.

Medical Insurance: We do not supply or offer medical Insurance. It is recomended you carry your own.

Wash stations: We do have a bike wash on site please be courteous and the use is first come first serve.

Restricted Areas: Infield areas, neighboring property, government roadways, please follow these rules or you may be disqualified, penalized or removed from premise.

Refunds: No refunds once practice has started.

Pit Crews: Riders are responsible for all pit crew, family and friends.

Pit vehicles: When you get your pit vehicle permits read those guidelines carefully and understand that you risk being penalized for violations of the rules. Strict morning and evening curfews will be enforced.











Gate Fee






Camping Fee






Practice Fee

$30 per group/per day. 3 Rotations per day

Race Fee

$45 per class for entry. This is in addition to MX Sports fees.

Pit Vehicle

$25 per pit vehicle/sticker required and visible



Supplemental Rules

Go to for supplemental rules

McMotopark on Facebook


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